Specialists in the fertility of agricultural soils

At Cosmogea we offer botanical extracts and natural minerals to help farmers mantain and increase soils fertility

One objective: to revive the land of cultivation

Cosmogea is a pioneer in its exclusivity to provide solutions that vivify the soil in a natural way.

Our Commitment: Efficacy and Trust

We work to offer you the greatest variety of effective natural solutions for your crops, suitable to your needs and respectful with nature

Our Spirit

We are manufacturers of solutions that vivify the soil. Solutions that Nature gives us, respect with the environment


Maintain and increase the fertility of our soils, in a sustainable and efficient way, respectful with the environment; using natural raw materials and processes inspired by nature


Be a reference in the supply of solutions to maintain and increase soil fertility. Innovative solutions inspired by nature. Solutions developed to vivify and regenerate the soil, which help the plant and the crops to be protected; promote sustainable, profitable and high-quality agriculture for both farmers and consumers


Passion for Nature 100%
Humanity 100%
Ethics 100%
Honesty 100%
Teamwork 100%
Engagement 100%
Professionalism 100%

R & D + i

Nuestro espíritu está en la innovación inspirada y guiada por la naturaleza. Observamos la naturaleza para aprender de ella. Desarrollamos las soluciones que Ella nos enseña, con las materias primas con las que nos obsequia.

Much of our research efforts focus on discovering, characterizing and quantifying the interactions that exist in Nature, which we know affect agriculture, but we still do not understand

Technical Department

Our technical department, will help you, free of charge. The will inform and advise you on how to best cover the needs of your crops in a natural way, maintaining a respectful relationship with Nature.

Our staff will offer you the diagnosis and the appropriate treatments after studying the particular needs of each crop and its ecosystem. In some cases, if you wish, they will help you to commercialize.